A 500-shielded banknote that speaks of a country called Mozambique

A 500-shielded banknote that speaks of a country called Mozambique…

Passion, curiosity, the desire to know, to travel, to possess, to dream, a little mania and a little madness come together when talking about collecting, and is unleashed since the launch, last week, the collection coins & banknotes of the world , from this diary.

On this occasion, dedicated to the banknote of 50 coats of the Bank of Mozambique, fascicle number two brings a ‘ kit ‘ of gifts to be able to preserve these jewels in their respective plastics and cases, so that, generation after generation, are conserved by the Fans and for those who just now began to introduce the secrets of the world of collecting coins and banknotes.

The collector is born and made. There are no exclusions. It is born when someone gives a coin or a ticket and is dedicated to observing with fruition the drawings it brings, the lattice of arabesques, the characters, the number of each ticket, the metal of each coin, and to imagine and investigate how it will be that country that prints those tickets , what meaning had at its time its edition, what is its economy, what they live in, where it is located, a vast world where look and fascination and knowledge do not end.

Mozambique, a country between East Africa and Asia

from which comes the 500 escudo banknote that we deliver with fascicle 2, is first reviewed in testimonies written towards the 10th century D. C.

There lived a town whose name still resonates in our memory: The Bantu, who group without having a culture or a racial type uniform to more than 400 African ethnicities.

When Vasco da Gama discovered its shores in 1498 and the Arabs dominated the trade of the region. After 500 years of Portuguese rule, he managed to become independent; Then came a hard civil war that gave way to a process of dialogue and only at the beginning of the years 90 was achieved the normalization with the celebration, for the first time, of a free elections.

The coin collection is such an ancient custom that it is known that Roman emperors, like Caesar Augustus, practiced it. Not in vain is called “The Fans of Kings”, but is also known as “King of hobbies.” Popes, writers, great figures of history had this very curious ‘ hobby ‘.

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