What are “Criptogatos”, can be a problem for criptomonedas…

What are “Criptogatos”, can be a problem for criptomonedas…

Who wouldn’t want to have a “adorable” virtual kitten, “unique in its kind ” and impossible to replicate, kidnap or destroy?
For some Internet users the answer is so obvious-who does not?-they have come to pay them hundreds and even thousands of dollars. In fact, transactions already exceed US $8.000.000, according to Crypto Kitty Sales.

It is the new fashion that causes furor in the network and, especially, in the world of the Criptomonedas: the phenomenon of the CryptoKitties or, as they are known in Spanish, the “Criptogatos “.

It is a game created by the Canadian company AxiomZen that allows users to buy, “feed ” and speculate with the “Criptomascotas ” using ether (ETH), the virtual currency that makes the competition to the bitcoin.

The system uses the Ethereum platform, an application with blockchain technology (block chains) that reflects the movements that are made with the currency and allows to create contracts of equals.

Many already compared the sudden success of the Criptogtatos-it was launched just a few days ago, on 28 November-with the overwhelming Pokémon Go, which had a worldwide impact.
Its prices vary: some have been purchased for just 0.03 ETH (US $12), but the most quoted have reached the 50 eth (about US $23,000) and up to 246 eth (around US $113.000).

“They are collectible, adorable and they can be fed “, is read on their website, CryptoKitties.co. It is the arrival of the blockchain to the Internet games.

A disturbing fashion?

The developers of the game told the Bloomberg news agency that the Criptogatos are a “key step ” To make the chains of blocks more accessible to people.

But its popularity has highlighted one of the major problems of Criptomonedas technology: its lack of scalability.

I mean, would it work if millions of people make them their way of paying ‘? To what extent is it able to withstand its infrastructure?

Etherscan, the search engine that allows searching, confirming and validating transactions in Ethereum has multiplied by six the number of pending transactions since the Criptogatos fever began.

“The Criptogatos have become so popular that they are occupying a significant amount of space available for transactions on the Ethereum platform ,” he told BBC Garrick Hileman, of the University of Cambridge’s Alternative finance center, in United Kingdom.

“Some people are concerned that a frivolous game can displace more serious commercial uses.”
Each criptogato has a “single genome ” of 256 bits and can play male or female roles at the time of “reproduce “. There are up to 4,000 possible genetic variations that vary your eye color, hair and body shape.

Axiom Zen launches a new criptogato every 15 minutes. The rest, “are born ” from reproductions among existing cats.

Each user sets its price according to its characteristics.

According to ETH Gas Station, an organism that analyses ether’s transactions, CryptoKitties already exceeds 10% of the transactions. And as the number of “Criptogatos ” increases, it is more expensive to make economic exchanges quickly.

“The real problem is that other players look for alternatives to Ethereum and move to other systems ,” explained Hileman. “It is certainly urgent that Ethereum manage this issue “.

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