Mining and Cryptomonedas

They discover malware that has a troubling trick to mine on cloud servers…
This is the first time this attack technique is seen, said the investigators of the 42 division of the Palo Alto Networks security company, who have detailed the technical capacities of the campaign.

It is no mystery to anyone that cryptographic currency mining malware remains one of the biggest threats, even one of the most common, for machines that are connected to the Internet, from internet devices of Things (IoT) to Computer.
Two investigators, Xingyu Jin and Claud Xiao, of the cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks, published a report on Thursday, saying in which they show as a malicious software, nicknamed Rocke Group, which is aiming at public cloud infrastructure.

Once downloaded, take the administrative control to first uninstall the security products in the cloud and then inject the code that extracts the Criptomoneda nero (XMR).
It is curious that they are not all the forms of security software that the malware is directed to.

It is worth mentioning that the malware follows the uninstall steps established in the product user manuals, which obviously contributes to not raising suspicions. To do their malicious work, the Rocke group exploits vulnerabilities in Apache Struts 2, Oracle WebLogic, and Adobe ColdFusion applications, and then downloads a shell script called “A7.” This beats our rival cryptographic miners and hides the signs of their presence as well as disables security programs.

An interesting aspect is that, in addition to running the miner, malware can also remove any other cryptojacking process that is already exploiting the target, a common tactic used by those implementing Criptomonedas mining malware to Eradicate competition. Even so, the most troubling thing about malware is the ability to evade detection of cloud security services by shutting them down.

Rocke Group malware was first discovered by the giant TI talus Intelligence Group on Cisco in August. At the time that the researcher of Talus, David Liebenberg, said that Rocke “will continue to take advantage of the repositories of Git to unload and to execute the illicit mining in the machines victims”.

The most decentralized Bitcoin network, anonymous miners take control

Bitcoin is blatantly the most popular, desired and envied criptomoneda of all. And that is one of the reasons that has led to, in general, it is the criptomoneda objective of crypto investors, both for trading and for mining. Bitmain loses influence on the Bitcoin network
Large companies dedicate their resources to mining when they realized that it is also greatly enriching with it. And that was the result of the loss of the network’s decentralization.

These large mining centers had an important weight of the total hash power. With the fall in criptomonedas prices in general, mining has become much less lucrative.
The high cost associated with mining has caused many mining centres to close their operations. The Blockchain Diar Research unit takes control of who they are that are worth the Bitcoin network.

According to the new published data, the groups that are published or are strongly linked to Bitmain (Antpool, BTC.comand ViaBTC) are currently valid in the Bitcoin blocks that last year.

Thus, the waning influence of Bitmain makes the network more decentralized.

On the other hand, anonymous “unknown” Bitcoin miners are currently worth more blocks than any individual group.

At the time it was taken from the image of the previous graph, the “unknown” miners accounted for more than 23% of the computing power handled by the Bitcoin network (hash power).

Should we celebrate?
Bitmain is the world’s leading manufacturer of Criptomoneda mining equipment and has historically been a powerhouse of the Bitcoin network.

According to Diar data, at the beginning of 2018, Bitmain mining groups represented 53% of the hash power of the Bitcoin network. Had they wanted, members could have joined to take control of Bitcoin and perform a “51 percent attack.” Now, with the decrease in influence, those who do not trust should be more relieved. Mainly, after the attack of 51% that was given a few days ago in the Ethereum Classic network that led to the robbery of 1.1 million dollars of the exchanges of Criptomonedas.

To happen in Bitcoin, the main groups like Antpool and BTC.comwould have to join in order to control most of the hash power of the network. This would allow them to approve, censor or even undo transactions to their liking.
Diar explained that although the threat of a 51% attack is now significantly lower, miners are not obliged to share details related to the groups they can contribute to.

So “unknown” miners could be working with some of the largest mining groups without us knowing. 

A guide for beginners on how to undermine Zcash..

Mining Basics: How does it work?
Zcash is a privacy-focused Criptomoneda that produces new currencies through the mining process. A new ZEC is created when a new block is added to the block chain, which occurs approximately every 2.5 minutes.

Zcash is different from other Criptos, as it was launched with a “slow start mechanism”. This meant that the amount of coins released into the system in the first few days was much lower, to reduce the risk of the Protocol having errors or security issues. This system was applied to the first 20.000 blocks that were extracted during the first month.

The coin uses the “Work Test” protocol and the “Equihash” algorithm, which makes it resistant to application-specific integrated circuit chip mining (ASIC). This is an advantage for new miners, as the criptomonedas that can be exploited with ASIC make it almost impossible to compete if you use CPU or GPU hardware.

Selecting the right Hardware
The type of mining hardware used in the mining process affects the potential gains of mining, so it is important to know what your options are available. By using the Equihash algorithm, ZCash needs a large amount of RAM to be extracted, so the miners cannot use the ASIC to extract the Criptomoneda. Because of this, you can extract ZEC using CPU and GPU.

CPU Hardware
One of the advantages of mining Zcash is that you can use the CPU you already have, what you can’t do with other criptos like Bitcoin. This is one of the main differences between Zcash and crypto that use ASIC miners. This team is so powerful that it would not be profitable to even test the CPU mining, but this is not available for Zcash mining. If you have dedicated a CPU to mining, make sure you have proper refrigeration, as the units can reach high temperatures when you undermine.

GPU Equipment
When compared to CPU extraction, GPU extraction has the advantage of being much faster and more efficient. But it requires more investment on your part. When purchasing a GPU computer, you must check what power hash you have, because it is directly related to the efficiency you will have.

Miners can also buy a used configuration, but be careful, because the older GPU can get hot enough, and if the refrigeration doesn’t work properly, it could end up ruining your investment quickly.
You don’t have to buy a costly “rig” that will leave a hole in your wallet when you extract Zcash. If you want to start immediately, use the CPU you currently have and consider upgrading to a GPU later.

If you already have mining experience and want to take full advantage of your Zcash extraction benefits, you may consider purchasing a GPU directly. The potential for more profit is higher with the GPU configuration, but it is not necessary if you just want to see how the mining process works.

Softwares to undermine Zcash
To start mining, you must first download a specific software. The software options available for Zcash mining are:

CPU: Nicehash or Minergate
AMD GPU: Claymore’s Miner
NVidia GPU: CUDA Zcash Miner de EWBF
Once you have downloaded the miner that adapts to the specifications of your hardware, continue and remove the folder you want. Once extracted, the miner must be configured by editing the configuration file to set the address Zcash and the mining group.

How much can you earn?
Each miner wants to receive his reward as soon as he can and begin to profit. Because of this, many wonder how much they can win with Zcash. Zcash has the same total currency supply as Bitcoin: The maximum amount of coins that can be produced is 21 million of ZEC units.

However, 10 percent of that reward is reserved by stakeholders in the Zcash company, which is made up of founders, investors, consultants and employees. This is known as the “Founders ‘ reward.”

During the first four years since its creation, 50 ZEC will be created every 10 minutes, and the miners will receive 80 percent of that newly created ZEC, while 20 percent will be distributed to the founders. Like Bitcoin, the ZEC rate being created will be reduced by half every four years.

Currently, the block reward is set to 12.5 ZEC. However, after every 4 years (or 840.000 blocks removed), the reward is halved. In 2020, the reward will be 6.25, and in the year 2024, the reward will be 3.12 and so on (until the coin reaches its limit). This will increase the mining difficulty as time goes on. As with most new criptomonedas, the ones that started mining before have an advantage.

Calculation of the profitability of Zcash mining
There are several key factors that affect the benefits obtained through the extraction of Zcash, or any other Criptomoneda, for the case. The following are the central factors to pay attention to:

Current Market price
The type of hardware
Total hash Power available
Cost of electricity
Pool fee costs
It’s best to estimate how much you can earn with your unique specs using a profit calculator.

Most calculators allow you to enter the hash power, power consumption and cost per KW/h to calculate your earnings ratio per day and per month. Before you buy your equipment, you can use this type of calculator to determine whether the investment will exceed the potential benefit or not.
Or, if you already have a CPU, you can calculate whether investing in a GPU will allow you to significantly increase your profit potential.

Calculators show that the most recent earnings potential is not particularly high. This is because the market has been suffering a series of price drops in 2018, which has made it difficult for small-time miners to make a profit. But these results are only estimates.

Zcash Mining’s conclusion
This has been our guide for those of you who are interested in extracting Zcash. Of course, there is still a lot more to learn if you want to get significant benefits by extracting Zcash, because the market and competition are quite difficult

Mining giant Bitmain closes its operations in Israel..

As the local media balloons reported on December 10, Bitmain, which continues to face financial problems of its own this year, will formally terminate all activities in its subsidiary just three years after it began operating.

At Parcer, the 23 employees on the Ra’anana site will not be distributed elsewhere.
Commenting on the movement, the branch manager Gadi Glikberg, who previously also served as global vice president of Bitmain, blamed the current deflated price of Bitcoin and other Criptomonedas.

“The market for cryptographic products has been in crisis over the past few months, forcing Bitmain to examine the various activities in the global enterprise and to refocus activities in accordance with the current situation,” said Globes in quoting members Of the staff affected in an ad.

While Bitmain’s core business involves the development and manufacture of Criptomoneda mining equipment, the company’s office in Israel had focused its efforts on developing the Connect BTC Mining Group and Artificial intelligence technology (AI) used in Bitmain’s “phony” project.

Currently, Bitmain is heading towards the control of 51% of the Bitcoin mining group, mainly due to the activities of and Antpool, which had a 25% and 17% stake in the BTC creation process, respectively, in June this year.

However, in addition to the overall decline in criptomoneda prices, Bitmain has also faced winds against bad business decisions that continue to weigh on its balance sheet as it moves toward its initial public offering (IPO) Planned for a long time, for which he recorded the necessary documents earlier this year. The firm also recently suffered a major reorganization on its board of directors.

Bears, billionaires and Bitcoin Cash
Bitmain’s reduction limits six problematic months for the company that has spawned several Chinese billionaires and has traditionally had the monopoly of Bitcoin mining.

More recently, when Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fell to historic lows, rumors began circulating that poor sales of its mining platforms had contributed to the third-quarter losses approaching the $750 million unprecedented.

Last week, a new lawsuit alleging that executives agreed with Roger Ver, CEO of, and Kraken, the exchange of U.S. currencies to manipulate BCH prices, added to Bitmain’s problems.

What do you think about Bitmain’s decision to close his operation in Israel? Let us know in the comments.

The HardForks have become more profitable to undermine than the same Bitcoin

For a long time, Bitcoin has passed the test of time as the most profitable currency to undermine, and thousands of miners have established bases around the world.

However, the current trend seems to be moving away from the favor of the major miners. Since the market became bearish after the BCH fork happened, the Bitcoin value has declined, and with it hundreds of other criptomonedas.

Bitcoin mining is no longer profitable
For cryptographic miners to gain profits, their operations must first compensate. This puts into account the capital invested in the installation of mining platforms and the energy consumed. If a miner can’t work out, then they’re losing. This has been the dilemma faced by many Bitcoin miners since the price was affected.

In fact, hundreds of miners have closed their operations. Some have even sold their mining hardware, indicating a growing feeling about the uncertainty of the future of Bitcoin versus the bearish market fueled by a civil war between their own hard holders. In 2017, BCH was excluded from BTC. On November 15 of this year (2018), BCH underwent his own bufircación which resulted in BCHABC and BCHSV, which provoked a hash war between the two. BCHABC has won since then and has been recognized as BCH.

When the bifurcation of the BCH occurred, the miners changed their resources to exploit the new blocks. Since the price of Bitcoin began to fall, BCH and BCHSV mining has become more profitable and therefore more attractive. The interesting thing is that just two weeks ago, the Bitcoin extraction was 300% more profitable than the extraction of BCHSV. Today, the extraction of BCHSV is 25% more profitable than Bitcoin.

This presents a rather interesting scenario because the mentioned profitability will continue to increase if the price of Bitcoin goes up.

As such, it would be interesting to see if the superior currency finally recovers its number one place as the most profitable among the 3 variants.

Factors to consider
As is clear from the current situation of Bitcoin mining, profitable mining is more than just a cryptographic market price. The hashrate, the difficulty of the network and the rewards in block are some of the most important factors.

China continues measures against Criptomonedas miners

China is a country that has a growing aversion to Criptomoneda and all related activities. The PBoC officially banned the CNY-based trade several months ago. It now appears that the government is extending its crackdown on national Bitcoin mining operations. A total of 600 computers and other hardware pieces were confiscated in Tianjin earlier this week.

Illicit Bitcoin mining in China
According to the sources, the investigation began due to the abnormal use of electricity in Tianjin. One of the local energy operators reported this fact to the police. Eventually, the investigation led them to a place where someone was exploiting Bitcoin on a fairly large scale. With 600 mining units and several high-powered fans confiscated, the operation is now completely closed.

The local news media Xinhua claims that this is the “biggest case of energy theft” in a long time. It is not clear why they refer to this as a robbery, considering that the energy was not stolen exactly.

It also confirms that Chinese officials do not take kindly the mining activities of Criptomonedas in the country.

This is another method that will expel the miners from China. Despite being the largest mining center for Bitcoin in recent years, things are changing. The Government effectively discourages any participation in Criptomonedas and will continue to do so. Several miners closed their operation, while others simply moved to a different location.

Repression continues incessantly
So far, there has been some debate about whether China would reverse its stance on criptomonedas. The Central bank plans to further regulate the use of energy of Bitcoin miners in the region. This effort is carried out to reduce the scale of these operations and, finally, to force the miners to move to different countries altogether.

Iceland has been extremely popular in recent years because of its abundance of cheap electricity. Other European countries are also of great interest.

China’s important role has practically dissipated, but the government has failed to put Bitcoin on its knees.

For now, operations like these will continue to occur in China for some time. During the seizure of this hardware, five people were identified as people of interest. Another individual has been detained for his participation in this mining operation. It is not clear whether they will face any legal repercussions for participating in this activity.