Bitcoin will soon be accepted in luxury jewelries in Canada.

Bitcoin will soon be accepted in luxury jewelries in Canada..
While markets may be angry, Criptomonedas still have a great appeal for companies seeking to be part of the financial revolution. This can be seen by how many companies are beginning to accept virtual currencies, specifically Bitcoin, as a means of exchange for their goods and services. The last to join that list is Birks Group, a Canadian-based luxury jewelry brand.

Bitcoin shines like a diamond..

According to Business Wire, the brand will work with BitPay to ensure that its cryptographic clients can easily put a ring on this Christmas. The President and CEO of Birks Group, Jean-Christophe Bédos, shared his enthusiasm for the association:

It is of great importance for Birks Group to launch BitPay. As a brand of international growth, we believe that BitPay will benefit our customers, as we seek to align ourselves with these innovative capabilities that are at the forefront of technology.
BitPay’s commercial Director, Sonny Singh, referred to how the brand’s new address will positively affect the group’s customer base:

Birks Group has a lot of international buyers, so allowing them to pay in Bitcoin makes a lot of sense. Accepting Bitcoin helps Birks Group cater to its high-level international customers and get new customers while offering a secure and innovative payment option.

Initially, Birks Group will present this payment option in eight of its stores, including one in the main city of Vancouver.
Acceptance seems to be on the rise
Canada, of course, is no stranger to disruptive technology. From the creation of the ideal environment for mining operations to the use of blockchain for its Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA), the country seems to demonstrate that they are fully aboard the Revolution train.

The brand joins another jeweler by accepting Bitcoin as payment. It was already knowledge that marks jewelers in the U.S. also allows their customers to pay in a variety of criptomonedas. You could even pay for a new car with Crypto at a luxury dealership in Texas, also provided through BitPay.

If you go further to France, you could even pay your college tuition in Bitcoin. Why not buy some bitcoins with your tobacco? Some French tobacco stores will begin to offer cryptographic vouchers that you can buy and redeem for virtual currency.

Do you think more jewelers in the country will also start accepting cryptography as payment? Let us know in the comments.

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