Top 10 sites to follow the Bitcoin

Top 10 sites to follow the Bitcoin

In this post we will tell you which are the 10 most useful sites to be informed in the Bitcoin world.

If you are looking for insurance Criptomoneda you will find it in CoinMarketCap. It’s a must-see site for token supporters.

In CoindDesk you will find a lot of information about the world of Bitcoins. From CriptoTendencia We consult this source periodically. The site is in English, but with Google you can easily translate it.

On the site Blockchain you can consult all the movements of a Bitcoin address, as well as follow the total daily transactions, and even open a free wallet to store your Bitcoins.

Changelly is one of the leaders for the purchase of Criptomonedas in general. You can buy Bitcoins or other tokens with a credit card, or exchange digital currencies.

If you are looking to store your Bitcoins securely, Bittrex is one of the best wallets, which also allows you to save dozens of Criptomonedas. You can also do online trading.

6-Genesis Mining
If you’re looking to build your Bitcoin mining business in the cloud, Genesis Mining is one of the most trusted alternatives on the net. In addition, it allows to undermine other criptomonedas such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and more.

7-Coin Dance
Coin Dance has many statistics related to the Bitcoin, the most important being the consensus on new versions of software, as is the case with the recent SegWit2x.

8-Bitcoin Argentina
The Bitcoin Argentina Foundation publishes a lot of information on the subject, as well as events that are held throughout Latin America, being the most important laBITconf.

If you are looking to invest in Bitcoin through CFD, Plus500 should be on the list first. The broker is the official sponsor of Atlético de Madrid. In addition, it allows to trade other Criptomonedas (Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash and Nem).

From CriptoTendencia we strive daily to bring you objective and quality information about the Bitcoin and the Criptomonedas in general. Everything that happens in the Bitcoin world rest assured that we will publish it.

5 Safety tips to protect your Bitcoins…

With the recent rise of the Bitcoin, there are few hackers who try to take advantage of security failures in the exchanges, to become the precious loot.

In this post we will tell you some safety tips to keep your Bitcoins well protected.

1-Paper wallets

The safest way to keep your Bitcoins safe is to store them in paper wallets.

It is worth clarifying that the thefts of Bitcoins and other Criptomonedas are produced in the exchanges, where computer scientists exploit vulnerabilities to enter the system and subtract the tokens.

So far no attack has been reported to the nodes, or to the Blockchain.

2-Use multiple Bitcoins directions

If you’re going to move a lot of money in Bitcoins, it’s best to do it in different directions with smaller amounts. Remember that you can generate as many addresses as you need.

For example, if you had 10 addresses with $1,000 in each, and you had the bad luck of being hacked, you would only lose 10% of your investment.

3-Trade in various exchanges

This council may be one of the most relevant… Do not put all the money in a single Exchange to do trading, because if it was target of attack you could lose some or even all the money.

At least you should divide the money destined for trading between 3 and 5 exchanges, to minimize the risk.

All exchanges give you the ability to increase security with 2-step authentication, use it.

4-Resfuerza Security with hardware

For some time you can find various devices with high security measures to store Bitcoins and other Criptomonedas. The most widespread at the moment is Trezor, of which we will speak in detail in future publications.

5-Keep your antivirus updated

This is more than advice, it is a necessity. You must have your antivirus updated, to be protected from Trojans and malware that can steal your information.

Do not forget that in the world of Bitcoin and Criptomonedas in general, you print your own money, so you should not skimp on security efforts.

Do you give importance to security to protect your criptomonedas?

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