What is the best virtual currency?

What is the best virtual currency?

The Bitcoin may be the best known and popular today, but it is not the only one you should know
Although the Bitcoin is the most mentioned, there are several types of virtual currencies.
Knowing which ones are best for investing can help entrepreneurs and professionals in the field of business gain greater profits.

Which is safer? Which is more profitable? Which is easier to use?

The evolution of e-commerce generated by the advancement of the Internet and the introduction of new technologies has completely changed the way we consume products and services. And with this, there has also emerged the creation of a new form of payment: virtual currencies.

The virtual currencies do not have a physical representation like the banknotes, so the transactions that are made with these are made exclusively through computers. These currencies are the favorite of entrepreneurs and professionals in the business world, because they have lower interest rates than credit cards and are safer than traditional money.

There are currently more than 150 types of virtual currencies, but not all of them offer the same features.

Because the interest in this type of currencies is increasing and that more and more companies that use them, it is necessary to know which is the one that offers better benefits.

The best virtual currency

The currency to be used depends on the needs of each company or professional but, without a doubt, the Bitcoin is the most widespread and at the moment the most reliable. This was the first virtual currency and therefore the one that has inspired the creation of all the rest.

Since its emergence in the year 2008 at the hands of Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin has grown exponentially. According to experts, in ten years, a single Bitcoin could be worth 50,000 dollars, so it will become the most widely used and coveted virtual currency.

Its main attraction is that it allows to make transfers of money from one account to another without having to have the intermediation of a bank but, in addition, each transaction can be verified. So this virtual currency is totally safe.

The 2017 has been, according to experts, the year of the Bitcoin. It is expected that this continues its way upward in 2018 because, in fact, it is already within the best currencies to invest this year.

A strong competition

Ethereum is the new virtual currency preferred by hundreds of specialists in the world. It is currently the second most widely used Criptomoneda, but it is expected that this year will grow to the point of competing directly with the Bitcoin.

This is a little bit cheaper than the Bitcoin, so it becomes a more profitable option for small investors. So far it has proved to be quite stable, with a firm and upward quotation and hardly noticeable changes, yet it has not yet gained as many adepts as the Bitcoin.

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