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Welcome to Free-accounts.info We are happy that you visit us and make us part of your information medium. Our commitment is to keep up to date with everything related to the world of crypto markets, digital economy, currencies, Criptomonedas and banknotes… At the same time we let them know that Free-accounts.info has no affiliation or relationship with any currency, project, event or, unless we let it know in an open way. 

The Web page Free-accounts.info, was born under the need that I as a professional of economy go through an accident automobile that left me with disability in my legs, after 4 long months I could not find a job opportunity, reason why I decided To make texts, articles essays, monographs of degrees, to students of the university Deonde finish my undergraduate studies.
One day anyone arrives my best friend and tells me about the content I had written, the need for people to learn these issues and my reason to feel useful generating content and that also allowed me to reach many more people , also obtaining an internet retribution.

Free-accounts.info is a means of information, so it should not be taken as an investment consultancy. Buy and Exchange Criptomonedas; It is considered as a high risk activity, so you have to do your own research before incurring it.